Kloud 7 and Google Apps for Business

Kloud 7 is now is a Google Apps for Business reseller. What does this mean? If your business needs email services, transitioning your current email system to Google is a very wise decision. Depending on your  business’s current configuration, the transition could be a daunting task. When you use Google Apps through Kloud 7, the migration can be managed by our team, removing the risks association with blind migration with limited support. Each Google Apps user gets a 25 Gb

Welcome to the K7 Blog!

The Kloud 7 is here. The primary portions of the site will be used for relaying information about the services Kloud 7 has to offer. The blog will be used for Kloud 7 updates, technical and sales information. We look forward to posting some information on this portion of the site which can benefit and support many of Kloud 7’s goals.

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