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Back in the teenage days, have you or one of your friends ever tried prank calling someone as a celebrity and they end up believing you? Now imagine if a criminal mind is placed in your position in a situation like this, to what extent he/she can go to acquire whatever information he needs to

Cyber Security Awareness Month

HISTORY:  October was titled as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month back in 2004 by Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. The motto behind this has been to guarantee every American has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online.   PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION:  Barrack Obama, “Our financial systems,


  Immortality is a myth in our case, but data can live forever only if you make the right decision today. Companies invest money, sweat and blood to stay ahead of the game in today’s cut throat market. But imagine losing all the blue prints made and all the data lost in a storm or

Business Voice Features and Benefits

Remember when Internet calling was a hassle and a liability, well that’s no more the case. In the current corporate domains, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is vastly replacing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) based telephone services in all major and minor workplace setups. Dropped calls or garbled line is not in question anymore as

Is your business in HD??

CITRIX is an industry leader when it comes to cloud and virtualization. Previously we have discussed the cost benefits of virtualization in general and using it with XenServer. CITRIX has advanced in the industry of virtualization at a very impressive rate. Today I will emphasize more towards thin clients and CITRIX. As I have mentioned

Are you READY!!

Continuing our discussion on various technologies available in the market for better, more efficient enterprise computing, let’s talk about a well known company CITRIX and its product line. In our previous blog post about “Virtualization for the desktop lowers TCO” I mentioned how businesses can save on a number of expenses otherwise required in a

Virtualization for the desktop lowers TCO

VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft are some of the companies that have partnered with thin client computing manufacturers to change the computing market for large organizations. This type of computing not only reduces the I.T. footprint of an organization it also helps save money in the form of power consumption and maintenance expense. One obvious factor

Are you communicating securely over the internet??

Everyday our team is asked a series of questions from our clients. Some of the more common questions are below: “What antivirus software should we buy for our company?” “We just changed our password strength from four characters to eight. Are we safe now?” “A company on the moon will charge us $987983729328 dollars to

Kloud 7 and Google Apps for Business

Kloud 7 is now is a Google Apps for Business reseller. What does this mean? If your business needs email services, transitioning your current email system to Google is a very wise decision. Depending on your  business’s current configuration, the transition could be a daunting task. When you use Google Apps through Kloud 7, the

Welcome to the K7 Blog!

The Kloud 7 is here. The primary portions of the site will be used for relaying information about the services Kloud 7 has to offer. The blog will be used for Kloud 7 updates, technical and sales information. We look forward to posting some information on this portion of the site which can benefit and support many
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