Analog Lines

Analog Lines

When are Kloud 7 Analog Lines right for your business?

  • To maximize the lifespan of an existing on premise PBX
  • Organizations with a requirement for 10 or less concurrent call capacity
  • To maintain a simple analog based configuration
  • Organizations seeking disaster recover features along side basic Analog Line services

About Analog Lines for Voice

Traditional Analog Lines delivered over the Internet to reduce cost and improve reliability while extending the life of your existing on-premise PBX. Built to support the basics of phone services, Kloud 7’s Analog Lines are designed to be simple and cost effective. Many organizations do not require the line capacity to support a high volume of concurrent calls and want to maintain a traditional phone system so Analog Lines is often the answer.


Analog Compatibility and Requirements

Analog Lines are highly compatible for all voice usage applications and easily interface with a wide variety of existing on-premise PBX systems. With unlimited US-48 local and long distance dialing, caller-id and disaster recovery through a per-line fail over to cell phone solution, Kloud 7 is able to enhance and simplify what you know about the traditional Analog Line.


Support and Customer Service

Providing rapid, reliable and cost effective support to customers utilizing our analog solutions is key to our service delivery objectives. We work closely with your organizations PBX management teams to streamline and monitor service delivery and guarantee high quality and reliable service. Don’t take our word for it, contact us and we can provide a reference from your area that can tell you about their experience with Kloud 7.


Pricing Information

Analog Lines are itemized on a per-line basis and each line comes with or can have an existing phone number or DID ported to it at no additional fee. Our sales team can work with your organization to determine historical call capacity requirements and how lines are being used within your organization today to meet your voice service and financial requirements more accurately. Kloud 7 also provides the option for metered and unmetered Analog Line services to allow for optimizing cost based on how many minutes your business uses each month. Unlimited Analog Lines allow for unmetered US-48 dialing and do not incur any per-minute usage charges. Unlimited Analog Lines are useful for business with high usage volumes seeking a flat rate bill each month. Metered Analog Lines allow for a lower monthly base cost, but incur per-minute dialing charges each month. Metered usage plans are desirable when usage is low each month or more granular control over usage based billing is required by the organization.

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For more detailed information about Kloud 7’s voice services solutions please download the informational overview: 

  Kloud 7 Voice Services Brochure (10.1 MiB, 775 hits)

Need more or ready for a quote? Please call us at (844) 855-6837 and select Option #1 to speak to a sales representative, send us an email at, or fill out the form below. We will be happy to meet with you in person and help you select the solution that best fits your organizational needs and budget.

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