Business Voice Features and Benefits

Business Voice Features and Benefits

Remember when Internet calling was a hassle and a liability, well that’s no more the case. In the current corporate domains, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is vastly replacing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) based telephone services in all major and minor workplace setups. Dropped calls or garbled line is not in question anymore as long as you’re deploying the right kind of VoIP services from the right kind of service provider. Below we will be addressing why VoIP stands out and why it is a good decision to switch from PSTN to VoIP service providers like Kloud 7.



If you want to increase efficiency and minimize relative costs, you are already hunting for a solution that provides you your required services at comparatively reasonable rates.

• VoIP service provides you one time deployment with multiple features which you may or may not avail as per your requirement. But features like call forwarding, caller id, call waiting/forwarding, voicemail and three-way calling are provided at no extra charges.

• International calls are charged in monthly invoices and at very low rates. Whereas in PSTN they are charged per minute at very costly rate.

• Kloud 7, as a VoIP service provider does not ask for any upfront costs. All payments are done on monthly subscription bases. Whereas, PSTN needs dedicated lines and in case of multiple lines there will extensive hardware installation which is a lengthy and very costly process.



• Mobility – Your deskphone travels with you wherever you go (not literally). It means the calls being received at your deskphone are being forwarded to your cellular phone anywhere worldwide. You can make local calls from your deskphone number from anywhere on the globe. No roaming or other surcharges are applied.

• Email integration – VoIP services include email integration which is by far the most exclusive feature. It enables the user to receive the deskphone call log notifications, messages and/or voicemails in emails as attachments.

• Call Management – Different kind of call flows can be set as per the work role or requirement of the user.



The upgrades for VoIP are usually increasing bandwidth or just software upgrades. Whereas, upgrades in a PSTN can mean costly hardware purchase. Kloud 7 keeps its systems up to date and all clients benefit from the consistent upgrades.


Dedicated Lines:

VoIP service does not require a dedicated line, which means that your call can be connected through infinite routes.


Disaster Recovery:

In case of natural disasters or outages, Kloud 7’s VoIP services allow you to access your number through your mobile or any other desired location through internet. Whereas in PSTN, once a dedicated line is destroyed it has to be reinstalled again at extra costs. VoIP service has multiple disaster recovery options and can always be accessed from anywhere around the globe. Anywhere, Anytime, All the time.



Above brief analysis can equip you with basic understanding and allow you to decide about the best option. If you are still stuck with your current PSTN provider, please contact Kloud 7 to receive ‘free quote’ and ‘free audit’ by our professionals. Kloud 7 provides the most premium VoIP services on the most reasonable rates. Let’s get you connected anywhere, anytime, all the time.

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