Immortality is a myth in our case, but data can live forever only if you make the right decision today. Companies invest money, sweat and blood to stay ahead of the game in today’s cut throat market. But imagine losing all the blue prints made and all the data lost in a storm or leaked to an unknown bot. What’s your next step or is it too late?


Its best suited for all small and large businesses to ensure data backup and security. The significance of implementing company’s data backup and security is extreme and each step from selecting a security and backup service to monitoring and evaluating your backup strategy has to be dealt with supreme care. When there is lack of data backup and security the alarms don’t start ringing right away until there is a breach or crucial data loss. Wise move is to cater the situation beforehand instead of waiting for the beans to spill. Hire a data backup and security service provider, but who?



Here is what Kloud 7’s Chief Technology Officer, Nick Segers has to say about selecting the right data backup and security service provider, “Look at their customers.” It’s that simple. He adds on, “If they cannot provide references of customers that can attest to the marketing statements a service provider is making then they are just selling a product they cannot backup. The paying customers have no reason to speak anything but the truth and will provide the most well rounded and honest answers about their experiences.

Nick Segers is few of the handful CCIE’s globally in routing and switching and his years of experience in building up Kloud 7 and daily interaction with high profile customers and understanding their problems has given him that unfair advantage to see through problems and design the most suitable solution. When asked about what kind of reluctance is shown by new customers he shared, “Ownership of intellectual property. When businesses choose to use the cloud for voice, data, networking applications they are trusting a company, like Kloud 7, to configure, maintain and monitor systems that will handle their data and provide the services that their businesses depends on to operate. This trust boundary is the most difficult to overcome.

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Creating a security policy comes next and is the backbone for all your future data movement and associations. A security policy classifies the rules and measures that all users accessing computer resources must follow in order to safeguard the confidentiality, discretion, integrity, and accessibility of data and resources. It is binding contract between the employees and the employer and both have to follow these policies religiously. What governs a good IT policy?

  • Makes enforceability possible.
  • Communicates distinct and clear information and is realistic.
  • Delivers adequate regulation for development of specific processes.
  • Comprises definite scope and applicability
  • Classifies the areas of responsibility for management, users and administrators.
  • Balances security with efficiency and productivity.
  • Identifies how incidents will be controlled and handled.
  • Is decreed and endorsed by senior most management.


Doesn’t matter if you don’t have the technical expertise or knowledge to do micro-analysis of the security policy. You just need to make sure that your company’s IT Security Policy is being governed by the above listed points.




Security Awareness training for all users must be performed to guarantee a fruitful program. Training should be provided at different levels for security officers, executives, system administrators and staff. Trained users can not only help alleviate some of the security load from security officers but they can also provide advanced warning of suspicious events encountered on their systems which could prevent a worm or any other illegal activity from propagating throughout the entire network.





One last step would be to keep revisiting your data backup and storage strategy and keep bringing necessary changes to ensure it is up-to-date to tackle the ongoing IT threats. Do not forget to reexamine your current security policy and if you think you deserve better care and support with state of the art data backup and security services, contact Kloud 7 for a free audit and free quote.

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