Why Managed Services?

Why Managed Services?

Let’s assume you just procured a multifaceted application and are keen to put it to use. As a Kloud 7 Managed Services customer, first step is to let us know. There is no second step.

Your application comes online and stays online.

Managed Services

What does any business aim for as far as operations are concerned? Time efficiency, reduced risk, advanced strategic applications, staying responsive and always being aware and vigilant. In all kind of businesses, opting for Managed Service Providers is becoming a reliable route to meet the daily goals through intelligent IT solutions.

Technology is a vital driver of revolution and productivity, but business primacies alter rapidly and the companies are often struggling to catch up. However, the snowballing intricacy of the IT and communications environment is exhausting valued resources and projects can take a lot of time to plot and deploy. Managed services aids in such stressed situations by taking away the pain of running and deploying a congregated set-up.


Kloud 7 is a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) covering all features falling under Information Services. Kloud 7 takes pride in providing following services at premium level:

  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Data Security & Storage
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • IT Support & Operations
  • Help Desk/Service Desk
  • Network Management
  • User Management & Group Policies
  • Information Systems Management
  • Systems Management
  • Life-cycle Quality Assurance



Managed services are a one stop solution in Communications and Systems for progressive companies. I will give a few core benefits that a customer enjoys while using Managed Services.

MINIMAL COST – Less expenditure on keeping the setup running and capitalizing the least on upgrading the communications environment is one of the driving motives that compels the companies to go for managed services. For a company to acquire its own servers, data centers, monitoring tools and dedicated skilled staff is a tedious and expensive approach. Managed services opens a window for service providers to leverage their skills, tools and equipment at an extremely reasonable price.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – The catchiest aspect in hiring a Managed Service Provider like Kloud 7 is the fact that companies get all their systems and tools upgraded to the newest technology at very low-cost and almost no disruption in day-to-day activities. Kloud 7 works on a “walk-in and takeover” model, which means taking over all the contracts and management of the current setup and migrate it over to a fresh and upgraded environment at a quick pace.

NO RISK – The remote management tools allow the MSP to engage security protocols in disaster scenarios and bring the infrastructure back up and running within least possible time frame. Such features transforms the role of an MSP from reactive to proactive. Kloud 7 is well equipped to help its customers by solving any nascent infrastructure issue before it hits the system.

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS – Kloud 7 provides superior control of service levels and performance. With SLA (Service Level Agreements) mutually agreed between customer and Kloud 7, the customer is always sure of continuity and quality aof service.


Above mentioned benefits were just the tip of an ice berg. A lot can be achieved and done while working in an IT environment managed by the right kind of professionals. In short, Managed Services is the proactive administration of an IT environment by a third-party. It’s about subcontracting services to a body that is better armed, in terms of skills, processes and tools, rather taking a financial and operational risk of doing it in-house.

Make the right choice today and contact Kloud 7 for free audit and free quote.



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