How Can You Send Critical Documents Securely via the Internet?

How Can You Send Critical Documents Securely via the Internet?

Contrary to popular belief, businesses worldwide still use and prefer fax isn’t exactly centered around the “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” rationale. Features specific to fax make it a trusted mode of communication, especially within the health and legal industries. 

To withstand the wave of technological advancement and to have not become obsolete must mean that it found a way to adapt to the times instead of going against the wind. In this regard, fax is an ideal example, with two significant developments:

First, the traditional fax machines have been replaced by ‘smart’ ones, which are WiFi compatible and are operated through laptops and smartphones. The development of the fax has been similar to the development of printers, scanners, and similar equipment. 

But, another adaptation has allowed fax to remain relevant in the corporate sector: the introduction of internet fax. Yes, you no longer need a fax machine to send a fax. Instead, all you need is the right software, an email account, and, most importantly, a friend like Kloud 7. We’ll come and install the software on your desktop, and any faxes coming your way will be routed to your email address and vice versa. 

If at this point, you’re more confused than you were when we began, that’s okay. We’re sure you have questions like: ‘Why not just use email on its own?’ Well, the answer to that question lies in the next thing on our list, which should clarify why people still use fax. 

Every business, regardless of industry, has confidential documents with sensitive or proprietary information that must not go beyond the concerned personnel. But need to be sent from one user or entity to the other – be it legal or financial documents or contracts. Businesses today are especially concerned about cybersecurity and the need to remain vigilant since the risk of getting hacked or having sensitive information leaked online is more significant than ever before. Fax, essentially, fixes this problem: a sure-fire way to send your messages safely.

The fax machine overcomes this problem since it sends messages over the phone line, which detaches it from the risk of being prone to cyber-attacks. 

Internet fax or eFax, too, has a system in place to guarantee the safe transmission of information: it encrypts the data in transit. Then, it forwards it in the form of data packets using standard internet protocols that keep it safe from being intercepted or deciphered. 

And the utility of fax isn’t only that it is a sure-fire way to send your messages safely, but that it is a sure-fire way to send your messages. That isn’t just an intelligent sentence; it also means that fax removes that worry, unlike texts and emails that you’re never really sure will reach the recipient. 

On top of that, the ability to keep the original fax and its copy in cloud storage essentially as long as you want aids in hassle-free tracking of business records.

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