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A journey that started almost 10 years ago marked the beginning of a transformative experience for Kloud 7 and its clients. We are a Nationwide Telecommunications Service provider that offers reliable services to any business regardless of location. We aim to reinvent your telecommunication needs by providing turn-key solutions powered by industry-leading technology.

Growth. Expertise. Trust.

As simple as it may sound, these words highlight what the journey has been about; Growth – by remaining at the forefront of every shift in the market and learning from our shortcomings. Expertise – by specializing in every single service we offer and knowing our product inside and out. Finally, Trust – the most significant success in our business – in the connections we have formed by remaining consistent and resolute in our promise to deliver.

We ensure a steady, secure, and reliable service by utilizing our Class 5 Cisco Broadsoft Platform located in five geo-redundant data centers in the United States and Germany.
Our prime focus is to provide our customers and clients with the latest and advanced business communications technology to help their businesses grow. We specialize in our lane and strive to be the best in the communications space.

Kloud 7 takes pride in being a customer-centric organization. Our proactive customer support sets us apart from other telecom service providers, as we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, we understand the vitality of phone services to a business as timely connection with the customers is the lifeblood of a business.

Whenever our customers encounter an issue or require any changes, our customer success agents are just a phone call away to quickly address the issue.

The challenges through which we have traversed have made us confident in our claim to go above and beyond for all who choose us. That claim includes bridging the gap between jargon and implementing simple solutions, providing around-the-clock support, and a completely transparent view of what we’re offering.

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We’re a bunch of highly driven and dynamic individuals, who are always looking for like-minded people to join our team!

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The Kloud 7 team is composed of a group of highly motivated and dynamic individuals.