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Meet the demands of an ever-changing business environment with scalable voice trunking solutions.

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A Reliable Voice Partner

The current business environment is highly dynamic and ever-changing; infrastructure and other requirements of your business are bound to evolve as it moves along its lifecycle. Are you prepared for this change?

Kloud 7 offers a range of scalable voice solutions, including high-capacity SIP, PRI, and Analog trunking services. We have a solution for you, whether you’re running a small business or an enterprise. For example, if your company uses an on-premise phone system (PBX) or analog lines, we have line and cloud-based solutions that offer more reliability at a lower price. We’ll come in, assess your phone system and deliver the type of service your existing phones are compatible with so you’re up to speed with everybody else.

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SIP Trunking

Most modern line-based solution (all digital)
Most cost-effective solution
Scalable and resilient
Suitable for the smallest to largest businesses
Unlimited US-48 dialing


Better suited for larger enterprises that require 10+ lines
Provides 23 lines over a single handoff to simplify connectivity to the PBX
Unlimited US-48 dialing

Analog Lines

Suited for smaller organizations with 10 lines per PBX
Lower costs from traditional analog line providers for the same service
Unlimited US-48 dialing
Analog Lines

Reliable Business Phone Lines

Analog phone lines are one of the original standards for establishing connections, and they are still very common and reliable, with excellent sound quality. They carry a single voice channel on each line; hence only one person can make or receive calls at a given time. Not every site or business requires VoIP solutions due to their scale, location, or usability. For example, some locations might have poor access to signals, so analog lines enable you to make calls in such situations. You can use these Analog phone lines for fax machines, elevators, alarm systems, emergency call boxes, gates and doors, POS terminals, ATMs, and many other systems.

These lines are simple yet reliable, and with extensive infrastructure transmitting the electrical signal, even in remote areas, they can account for the lack of broadband or LTE coverage.

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Security Systems
Overhead Paging Systems
Analog Phones
Bells and Alarms
Fax Machines

Voice and Data Over a Dedicated Line

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a single physical connection over a dedicated line that establishes 23 voice channels using a circuit-switched model, allowing you to make and receive 23 concurrent calls. More PRI circuits can be installed if your business requires more than 23 channels. In addition, it includes the caller ID and digital technology to simultaneously allow voice, video, and data traffic over the same connection.

PRI is a reliable and cost-effective enterprise-ready solution for anyone looking to upgrade their communication system. It can save time and money by utilizing the same line for several phones, video conferencing, fax machines, etc.

Time saving
Improved Reliability
SIP Trunks

Enhanced Communication With Cloud PBX

Save money, ditch the hardware
Save money, ditch the hardware
With SIP trunking, voice data is transmitted over the internet – you no longer need fixed PSTN lines. Kloud7 The Best SIP trunking providers.
Redundant Servers
Redundant Servers
Ensuring a widespread, self-healing network through redundant servers, in redundant zones, and within redundant regions.
Unlimited number of lines
Unlimited number of lines
Communicate freely with up to 2000 concurrent calls and extension dialing. With pay-per-line, pay only for what you use.

Supporting Every Major PBX System

Make the most out of your PBX with SIP Trunking

You don’t have to worry about changing your current phone system (PBX) – we’ll work with what you already have!

In case you want to upgrade your system, we’ll come and install the necessary equipment and programs at your office.

We understand that you may face problems with this or any other service. Just remember, we’re always a call away.

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Business Communication Solutions

Multiple layers of reliability built in to make it less likely to go offline.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery allows for dynamically re-routing calls to a secondary location or cell phone.


Proprietary network hardware (SBC) provides geo-redundancy, quality of service, and security.

Instant Failover

Multiple Internet connections are supported for instant failover in case one connection goes offline.

Make communication easier with reliable voice services.

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