Strengthening Agent and Customer Experiences

Ensure a seamless caller experience and increased customer satisfaction by utilizing intelligent contact center features.

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Kloud 7 contact center log in screen with photo of a call center agent.

Why use a Contact Center?

Integrated Analytics

Find out how your contact center is performing with analytics regarding inbound and outbound calls, wait time, and much more!

Simplified Internal Communication

Supervisors, Agents, and Support are simultaneously in the loop, ensuring efficient communication.

Specialized Solutions

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), IVR Menus, Outbound campaigns, and CRM integration​s.

How can Contact Center solutions transform your business?

Your business’s customer support channel, i.e., your phone, is essential to the customer experience you’re offering. How you deal with these phone calls determines how people view your business.
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The Kloud 7 Contact Center

Call Waiting Features
Call Waiting Features
  • Music

  • Recorded Messages

  • Smart Queues

Smart Routing Options
Smart Routing Options
  • Devise a strategy for routing calls depending on wait time

  • Immediate routing to available agents

Call Recording
Call Recording
  • Equipped with the best call recording software in town

Call Prioritization
Call Prioritization
  • Can customize on what basis the calls are received

Top-of-the-line Analytics
Top-of-the-line Analytics
  • Abandoned Call Recovery

  • Record Maintenance

  • Calls by day and time

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Add key-press in your IVR menu to reroute calls to specific extensions

Enable rich customer interactions and accelerate business growth.

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