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kloud 7 offers a host of CRM integrations into your VoIP system

Break the silos and Streamline your data.

Unearth valuable insights
Unearth valuable insights
Improve decision-making
Improve decision-making
Minimize risk
Minimize risk
Boost productivity
Boost productivity

Managing Your Greatest Asset: Your Customers

In today’s world, customer data is a business’s most valuable resource that allows it to analyze and improve its performance. In addition, this data sets the groundwork for personalized attention and strategic decision-making. However, with a business utilizing several tools and programs to perform its operations, recording, collecting, and managing the data from all the different programs can be challenging. But, with Kloud 7, you can easily integrate your CRM platform into our communication systems as they can provide significant gains.

We allow a wide range of CRM integrations from a variety of industries.

Financial services
High tech
Construction & real estate
Professional services
Consumer services

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