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Record, store, share and review all your business calls with Kloud 7’s Call Recording platform.

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Endless Possibilities with Kloud 7

Unlimited recording capacity
Store your recordings for up to 90 days
Add-on to some or only specific users

User-Friendly Interface

Enable and disable the feature on your own.
Access and manage your recordings easily through the portal.
Our customer success team is always here to help.
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Industry Leading Compliance and Security

Secure Cloud Storage
Secure Cloud Storage
Overcoming data privacy and security issues by eliminating storage through hardware: Kloud 7’s Call Recording platform is connected to fail-safe, geo-redundant data centers to ensure risk minimization.
Controlled Provisioning
Controlled Provisioning
Customize and control what you’re recording, what phones you want to integrate, and who gets to access the recordings, all through your locally managed Control Hub.
Data Security
Data Security
Data security is ensured by storing and transferring call recordings in an encrypted form, which means they’re never directly accessible.

AI Integrations

The Industry’s leading voice AI features!

kloud 7 business phone call recordings
Monitor Customer Satisfaction with our AI-powered sentiment analysis
Monitor Customer Satisfaction with our AI-powered sentiment analysis
Find out how effective your business calls are through the AI-enabled sentiment analysis that uses natural language processing to assess moods and emotions within a phone call. The email alerts you set up for the recordings are also based on the AI triggers, reducing the time and cost of manual call monitoring.
Live AI Transcriptions
Live AI Transcriptions
The AI software within your call recording platform ensures you’re listening attentively to your call and that it’s taking care of writing down everything said in the call for you to share and review later on.

Leverage a powerful solution to ensure compliance, protection, and growth.

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