Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Contact Centers

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Contact Centers

People no longer even consider visiting an actual physical support center. Instead, most of their problems and concerns can be addressed over the phone, saving everybody time and money. Therefore, your business’s customer support channel, i.e., your phone, is essential to the customer experience you’re offering. How you deal with these phone calls determines how people view your business.

Suppose you’re getting an influx of calls regularly. In that case, it gets challenging to maintain the same level of quality with just your standard phone system. As a result, your contact number remains engaged, and you start missing and abandoning calls, amongst other things, which immediately drive down the customer’s satisfaction. 

Hence, businesses across the globe are opting for cloud-based contact centers. They organize and streamline your incoming calls and offer other features that elevate customer experience. 

Specialized Contact Center Solutions 

The specialized features of the Contact Center enable call agents to be ready and sufficiently equipped to focus solely on the customers’ queries instead of the call processing functions. Take Automatic Call Distribution (ACD); for example, the system identifies the caller, adds them to a queue, and then routes the call immediately when an agent is available. 

The Contact Center has Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to complement the call routing system. IVR guides the customers to specific extensions based on the nature of their queries or the division of call agents. 

Once the IVR menu has been set up successfully, smart routing options integrated into the software enable you to decide on strategies for queuing incoming calls. This is done through options like call prioritization based on your criteria and logic. For example, that prioritization can be according to wait time, customer call history, or even current call data. Prioritization also includes directing calls based on the caller’s phone number. 

Customer Experience 

The specialized contact center solutions create an efficient and seamless caller experience, essential for customer satisfaction and resolving issues they may have. On top of that, the ability to incorporate recorded messages and music while a caller is waiting makes the experience further pleasant. It also highlights that the customer understands that your business values their time and wants to cater to their concerns. 

Kloud 7 Integrations 

Despite all the call processing features that come with the software, a contact center’s efficiency still largely depends on the actual agents. How well they’re able to address customer concerns and how they deal with and react to the issues, as well as the total percentage of accurately dealt calls. On that end, Kloud 7 offers two top-of-the-line software integrations: call reporting analytics and call recording, that enable your organization to know what’s going on with your phones.

Our Analytics software covers everything: inbound, missed, abandoned, recovered calls (amongst a set of 400 real-time statistics), wallboards, reports, and alarms that give you a complete picture of your contact center’s performance. Additionally, the Call Recording integration, with AI-powered sentiment analysis and transcriptions, allows you to review and improve how your agents deal with customers and outline prominent pain points. 

If you’re a business that receives a large volume of inbound calls. Kloud 7’s Contact Center is an essential addition that elevates your business to the big leagues.

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