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SIP Trunk

A SIP Trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) works as a virtual connection that involves the transmission of voice data over the internet. This cloud-based communication solution is not limited to a number of voice channels hosted over the line; instead, the number of voice channels can be increased and decreased as per the requirements of your business using a PBX server.

Network Security
Network Security
Flexible Pricing
Flexible Pricing
Network Redundancy
Network Redundancy

Supporting Every Major PBX System

Why SIP Trunking?

All of the fancy tech jargon aside, why should you choose SIP if you’re new and looking for a line-based communications solution or currently on Analog?

Save money, ditch the hardware
Save money, ditch the hardware
With SIP Trunking, voice data is transmitted over the internet – you no longer need fixed PSTN lines.
Redundant Servers
Redundant Servers
Ensuring a widespread, self-healing network through redundant servers, in redundant zones, and within redundant regions.
Unlimited number of phone lines
Unlimited number of phone lines
Communicate freely with up to 2000 concurrent calls and extension dialing, regardless of location.

Premium SIP Trunks

Kloud 7’s scalable SIP trunks allow you to connect your IP-based communications infrastructure seamlessly to the PSTN.

Most modern line-based solution (all digital)
Most cost-effective solution
Scalable and resilient
Suitable for the smallest to largest business use cases
Unlimited US-48 dialing

Still using Analog or PRI? No problem.

When we say we’re the solution regardless of what you’re working with, we mean it. For example, if your company uses an on-premise phone system (PBX) or analog lines, we have line-based solutions that offer more reliability at a lower price.

We’ll come in, assess your phone system and deliver the type of service your existing phones are compatible with so you’re up to speed with everybody else.

Make the most out of your PBX with SIP Trunking

You don’t have to worry about changing your current phone system (PBX) – we’ll work with what you already have!

In case you want to upgrade your system, we’ll come and install the necessary equipment and programs at your office.

We understand that you may face problems with this or any other service. Just remember, we’re always a call away.

Kloud 7's Premium SIP Trunks

Multiple layers of reliability built in to make it less likely to go offline.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery allows for dynamically re-routing calls to a secondary location or cell phone.


Proprietary network hardware (SBC) provides geo-redundancy, quality of service, and security.

Instant Failover

Multiple Internet connections are supported for instant failover in case one connection goes offline.

Make communication easier by bringing your PBX to the cloud.

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