Communication Solutions Designed to Transform the Healthcare Industry

Communication Solutions Designed to Transform the Healthcare Industry

Health is at the center of a society’s prosperity and growth. 

There is a triggering stream of patients in hospitals and healthcare centers that are in a dire need of urgent attention. We understand the importance of unerring communication to direct each patient to the right care provider.

Good communication sets the ground for meaningful experiences, which is why Kloud 7 brings you the best of communication solutions under one roof to strengthen your practice like never before.

Starting from telephony solutions to call centers, call analytics, call recording, fax, network redundancy, etc., Kloud 7 has it all!


Healthcare Phone System

We understand the critical need for a reliable and efficient phone system in healthcare facilities. At Kloud 7, we offer a cloud-based VoIP phone system specifically designed to meet the communication needs of healthcare providers. Our solution provides voice, video, and messaging capabilities for your teams and patients, ensuring they can reach you wherever you are. We provide a complete phone system that is safe and secure with advanced features and integrations to match your facility’s needs.


Our communication platform is designed specifically for healthcare systems, delivering enterprise-ready solutions to enhance operational efficiency. With real-time analytics, AI-based quality control, and integrations with major Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, our platform optimizes omni-channel voice, text, and email communication. You can access all these features through a single app or a physical phone, providing a unified and streamlined communication experience.

We understand that managing a healthcare facility comes with numerous responsibilities. That’s why our turn-key solution ensures a quick and easy transition, allowing teams of any size to leverage the benefits of our communication platform. With Kloud 7, you can have a reliable phone system that simplifies communication and helps you provide the best experience for your patients.

Kloud 7’s cloud-hosted phone system eliminates the hassle of maintaining and upgrading hardware as you no longer require an on-premise PBX. Whether you’re currently using a legacy system or looking to upgrade, our solution provides a quick and easy transition to the cloud-based system.


Cloud Contact Center: A solution to all your problems

With a huge volume of calls coming in at the healthcare centers, managing each call properly can be very challenging, and this is why the process needs to be automated in order to maintain a ship-shape service.

By utilizing a contact center, the patient experience can be enhanced through accelerated access to information, streamlined communication among healthcare professionals, and secure management of confidential health data.

Kloud 7’s cloud-based contact center offers solutions to distribute your incoming calls and manage phone number assignments for outbound call centers. We ensure a seamless caller experience and increased customer satisfaction by utilizing intelligent features such as automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), queue management, and CRM integrations.

Kloud 7 empowers large healthcare systems to seamlessly manage a massive number of calls through its ACD and IVR features, which automatically transfers calls to your agents, enabling you to capture more calls effectively.



Call Reporting Analytics

Deliver outstanding customer service by enabling yourself to make insight-driven decisions.

Being able to scrutinize call durations, costs, and other useful metrics can help supervisors and managers make informed decisions on issues such as employee performance, staffing and training needs, and effective resource management. Our reporting and analytics solutions present real-time statistics, letting you know what’s going on at your organization second by second.

Kloud 7’s call reporting analytics empower healthcare administrators to gain valuable insights into crucial call data. For example, only by identifying peak hours, when they receive the highest volume of calls, healthcare systems can make informed staffing decisions, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes, reduced wait times, and efficient call management.


Call Recording

The most important aspect of a patient’s treatment is his data. Having the right information on hand in times of need is the key to providing excellent customer service. Communication breakdowns frequently result in sentinel events and critical failures. As a result, call recordings can protect you from legal liability while also improving your customer experience by monitoring the recordings to identify blind spots and fill gaps. Recording and storing all telecommunication interactions ensures that your organization is ready for a HIPAA audit.

Kloud 7’s AI Integrated Call Recording enables managers to analyze emotions and sentiments expressed during calls, optimizing the quality assurance process. This powerful feature enhances the ability to evaluate customer interactions, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service. Supervisors can also listen in on the calls, identify errors and eventually provide training to the staff to better service to patients.



Send and receive critical actionable data without any worry! Ensure the security of confidential patient information through our HIPAA and PCI compliant reliable and secure online faxing system with end-to-end encryption.


Business Phones

A hospital or healthcare center’s staff is always up on their feet, running about, and making sure that everybody is receiving the best care. Better communication is essential for better care, and to do that you need better phones!

Kloud 7 brings to you the best of conference, desk, and wireless phones that are best suited to the needs of your organization.



A wide range of Phones for everyone!

Feature-rich phones for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.


Network Redundancy

Kloud 7 builds multiple layers of reliability to ensure your connections are less likely to go down. All of your internet connections are supported by SD-WANs (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) for instant failover in case one connection goes offline because businesses cannot afford to lose connection in this data-driven age. The SD-WAN technology consistently scrutinizes the quality of your network connection, taking into account its bandwidth, latency, jitters, and other required parameters to measure its performance. If any network path showcases poor quality at any point, then its traffic is routed to another connection.


The only communications partner you need

When you choose to partner with Kloud 7, we not only deliver the best communication services, but we also provide round-the-clock proactive customer support. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7/365 to promptly address any issues or concerns you may have. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to ensure that your communication needs are met seamlessly. With Kloud 7, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team is always there to support you.


Is your healthcare facility’s communication strategy as strong as it could be?


Upgrade your healthcare phone system with Kloud 7.

Experience improved operational efficiency, enhanced patient care, and seamless communication.

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