Communication Solutions: Designed to Transform the Healthcare Industry

Communication Solutions: Designed to Transform the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry undoubtedly is at the center of a society’s prosperity and growth. But, simultaneously, there is a triggering stream of patients in hospitals and healthcare centers in dire need of urgent attention.  

We understand the importance of effective communication in healthcare centers while directing each patient to the right care provider to set the ground for meaningful experiences. This is why Kloud 7 brings you the best communication solutions under one roof to strengthen your practice like never before.

Here is a list of Kloud 7’s telecommunication solutions to help your healthcare center operate effectively to its optimum capacity:

Network Redundancy

Kloud 7 builds multiple layers of reliability to ensure minimum risk of the connections going down. All the internet connections are supported by SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) for instant failover to ensure the network remains operational. The SD-WAN technology also consistently scrutinizes the quality of the network connection, taking into account its bandwidth, latency, jitters, and other required parameters to measure its performance and route traffic to a different connection in case poor connection quality is detected.  

Contact Center

Healthcare centers receive an overwhelming volume of calls, making managing each call extremely challenging. Automating the call-handling process enables the provision of high-quality services around the clock.

Kloud 7’s cloud-based contact center offers solutions to distribute your incoming calls and manage phone number assignments for outbound call centers. We ensure a seamless caller experience and increased customer satisfaction by utilizing intelligent features such as automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, queue management, and CRM integrations.

Call and Contact Insights

Deliver outstanding customer service by enabling yourself to make insight-driven decisions. Being able to scrutinize call durations, costs, and other valuable metrics can help supervisors and managers make informed decisions on issues such as employee performance, staffing and training needs, and effective resource management. Our reporting and analytics solutions present real-time statistics, letting you know what’s going on at your organization second by second.

Call Recording

The most important aspect of a patient’s treatment is his data. Having the right information handy is the key to providing excellent customer service. Communication breakdowns frequently result in sentinel events and critical failures. As a result, call recordings can protect you from legal liability while also improving your customer experience by monitoring the recordings to identify blind spots and fill gaps.

Recording and storing all telecommunication interactions ensures that your organization is ready for a HIPAA audit.

K7 Connect – Calling

One solution for all your communication needs sounds like a deal, right? With K7 Connect (our hosted VoIP solution), you can make unlimited calls from any location and device. Carry your hospital in your pocket by integrating messaging, meetings, and calling.

With an intuitive, all-in-one application, we charge no upfront capital costs with the ability to scale up or down as business needs dictate. It’s a turnkey solution that can easily be implemented in your current communication system.

Online Fax

Send and receive critical actionable data without any worry! Ensure the security of confidential patient information through our HIPPA and PCI-compliant reliable and secure online faxing system with end-to-end encryption. 

Trunking Services

Revolutionize the communication system of your healthcare facility and upgrade your PBX to an internet-powered phone system. 

Optimize your communication system and save cost, time, money, and lives with SIP Trunking, which replaces traditional phone lines with the service hosted over the internet that you might have already. In addition, SIP trunking enhances mobility and flexibility, allowing you to scale up and down as per your needs.

Business Phones

A hospital or healthcare center’s staff is always up on their feet, running about and making sure that everybody is receiving the best care. Better communication is essential for better care, and to do that, you need better phones! Kloud 7 brings to you the best of conference, desk, and wireless phones that are best suited to your organization’s needs and also provides paging services, elevators, fire alarm lines, and so much more. 

We also enable hoteling on your phones that support a hot desk environment and allow multiple users to share one phone.

Technical Support

At Kloud 7, we take pride in providing proactive support that is available round the clock, online and on-site. Our technical support department is always available to ensure you receive uninterrupted and quality service. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction!

Is your healthcare facility’s communication strategy as strong as it could be?

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