Cyber Security: The Kloud 7 Approach

Cyber Security: The Kloud 7 Approach

Ideally, we shouldn’t be having this conversation; ideally, you moved your business communications to the Internet and lived happily ever after. But in our less-than-ideal world, it’s not that safe and easy; hence, we at Kloud 7 chose to stay prepared instead of ignorant.

So, as we move your business phone system to the virtual world, i.e., over Internet Protocol, both of us have to deal with new and different challenges, but you’re in luck because Kloud 7 considers cybersecurity as important as the phone system itself. 

It is essential to understand these new threats and how we address them. And no, we’re not just going to throw our industry jargon at you and act like you can’t understand the technical side of our business. So instead, we’ll help you understand, and we’ll be right here at Kloud 7 Support if you still have any questions.

DOS: Denial of Service and Kloud 7’s failsafe system

Let’s start with one of the most common threats in our industry: a DOS (Denial of Service) or DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. In layman’s terms, a DOS is not necessarily a result of malicious intent; it could simply be a consequence of your bandwidth being overwhelmed due to an unprecedented flow of traffic. With malicious intent, however, attackers intentionally engage your network with incomplete requests coming through numerous internet users, which essentially chokes your system to the point where it can’t function. And what do we at Kloud 7 do to deal with this? Well, over the years, the network availability approach that we have managed to create at Kloud 7 makes our system fail-safe, with backups at every junction. 

As a service provider, we’ve understood that the weakest link in the system is the customer site since network availability issues at the customer’s end account for the majority of the technical difficulties you’re facing. This is where we differ from everybody else – we don’t view this as ‘your problem’ but instead assist you with on-site equipment that equips you to make the most out of your connection, no matter your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our top-of-the-line Session Border Controllers (SBC), when integrated with an SD-WAN for data and voice (which we’re one of the few to provide), turn your connection stable, secure, and uninterrupted through bandwidth and route management. With this, we also offer the option of setting up a wireless connection hosted through our private LTE network. 

What all of this means is that you don’t need to worry about getting the best out of VoIP, even if there’s a problem at your end. 

Viruses and Malware 

Accompanying the shift to softphones is the increasing threats of viruses and malware that pose a host of problems for VoIP, from interrupted calls to the theft of and access to data and more. Kloud 7 becomes the shield between you and these potential threats, going out of our way to ensure you never have to deal directly with any of these problems. 

The SBCs we were just talking about are also equipped with the best firewalls available in the market. Plus, we’re monitoring your system inside out, meaning we know exactly what’s happening with your connections. Your internet uptime, incoming and outbound calls, and call quality amongst much more is constantly monitored at K7’s NOC so that in case there’s a problem with call quality, we’re alerted even before you, and our agents will immediately start to resolve those problems. 

Call Frauds: Phreaking and Eavesdropping 

Phreaking and Eavesdropping are examples of call fraud aiming to gain access to your VoIP phone system to either get access to sensitive information or make illegal calls through your network. 

While firewalls offer protection against these fraudulent activities as well, the inherent or built-in security process of any system is always the first and final defense against such attacks. This is why Kloud 7 ensures that each and every service you’re subscribed to with us is the market leader in terms of safety and security. Take our softphone – K7 Connect – as an example; which uses Cisco‘s in-house built multi-layer security system and uses end-to-end encrypted calls, meaning nobody can listen in on your essential business discussions or join your conference call out of nowhere. And that end-to-end encryption is extended to messaging and file sharing, so your entire hybrid work experience feels safer than an actual office. 

We believe in being completely transparent with our customers and going beyond everyone else. We’re not here just here to make our products look appealing; instead, our first priority is always to provide the most comprehensive and cooperative customer experience for you.

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