K7 Connect with Webex

K7 Connect with Webex

Unified Communications as a service, or UCaaS, is the hottest commodity in the enterprise telecommunications industry right now. And it makes sense, to be fair; businesses prefer an all-in-one software that acts as the hub for all your communication needs, instead of subscribing to a different vendor for each service.

That, precisely, is what K7 Connect with Webex provides – a complete unified communications platform that brings all your tools to one place. First off, you get the cloud-based messaging, calling and conferencing features that lead the industry in terms of security, quality and features. Then, you also get to integrate your favorite tools and apps within the same platform, from our own Call Reporting Analytics and Call Recording integrations, to third-party applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Jira etc.

But what is it that really separates K7 Connect from other unified communications platforms? Well, there’s a few advantages that separate you from everybody else. 

For starters, the level of security and privacy you get with K7 Connect is simply unmatched, and makes it a truly ‘enterprise-grade’ product. This advantage, in the safety of experience, is a direct consequence of Cisco’s application of their in-house built multi-layered security system which ensures the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) of files, calls and conferences. 

What does E2EE mean for the consumer? It means that you don’t get uninvited guests joining your meetings out of nowhere, that people can’t just listen in on your cloud call, and that the files and documents you’re sharing are restricted to those exchanging them – all of which are very real issues. And this is the advantage you get when the developer of your platform is the “top enterprise security vendor”

On top of that, you get the Kloud 7 advantage: the most comprehensive and cooperative customer experience. We’re flexible, and ready to listen to what you want – our ‘per user per month’ model enables your business to continue with the UC platform regardless of whether you’re scaling up, or down. With that, you also get after-sales support and assistance, wherein we’ll help you get comfortable with the product, and with the training or migration process so that you’re using it to its full potential. 

Every successful business needs the right partners and collaborators to ensure you’re doing the best that you can. For that reason, our focus at Kloud 7 is to provide you with the best possible customer experience, and become that partner that takes your business to the next level.

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